Saturday, September 12, 2020

An autumn day

It was crisp and cool all day.

 Autumn in New England is wondrous!

Soon, all the leaves will be falling and cool nights will prevail.

I love the autumn.

Darkness comes sooner every day and missing the light is one of the precious things about autumn.

Air-conditioners will be off and out soon. Long sleeves will be the rule.

I wore jeans today instead of shorts for the first time in months.

We didn't get to go on vacation at Oak Island, North Carolina. We would have left today to fly to Myrtle Beach and drive north.

I missed that. Tim and Mimi and Eleanor would have been with us--and Jack and Sherry and John. It would have been great. But not in this pandemic. Not at all.

I don't like winter--and autumn means it is coming. But for a few months I'll relish the chill and the vanishing light and the pray for Spring.

Always pray for spring....



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