Monday, September 14, 2020

Emma and Morgan

Today on zoom, we talked to our twin granddaughters. Emma and Morgan Bradley on their birthday. They are 14, turning into young women.

We were in NYC the day they were born and saw them, along with their maternal grandmother, Mrs. Chen, because the nurse stopped at our floor and let us look at them in the elevator.

They didn't look much alike that day--Emma had black hair and Morgan had brown hair, for one thing.

They are far from identical twins. If you saw them in a group of young women, you might even not think that they could be sisters.

Emma has her mother's Asian hair but very American looks. Morgan's face is slightly Asian, but her hair is American brown.

Tegan, three years younger was on the zoom call as well. She really doesn't look much like either of them.

Granddaughter--4 of them, the Bradley girls and Eleanor McCarthy--are our gift to the world.

We love them so.

They are so perfect, so fine, so lovable.

We are blessed by them.


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