Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Holy Hell, What's going on?

Bob Woodward's book has been gotten before publication by news outlets. It is damning to the president.

Woodward has tapes of his conversations with the president.

Back in February, the president told Woodward that the Cornia virus was five times more deadly than extreme flu. But he was 'playing down' the danger so Americans wouldn't feel 'terror'.

Terror was what was needed. If we were terrified we would have done what other countries did and shut down and prevented many of the 200,000 deaths!

Truth was what we needed--even if it caused 'terror'.

Terror was appropriate. It would have saved lives as many nations did and we could safely be re-opening society instead of universities trying to re-open and failing.

We would have prevented the motorcycle rally that spread the virus to many states.

Terror, in the face of terrible reality, is an appropriate reaction. And would have saved sickness and lives.

But we, the US, have the most cases and most deaths of any nation because the president 'down played' the crisis.

Lord help us!

And, by the way, why would the president broadcast his lies to a journalist who helped bring down a previous president?

How would a 'genius' had done that?

The virus continues to grow in this country.

What can stop it?

A new president, that's what!

Vote and vote early.

Stop the madness.


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