Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I have nothing much to write

I have nothing much to write tonight.

I want, at all costs, not to mention the president or the race for president.

The Yankees (my team since childhood) have hit six home runs in two straight games--a record for even a team called the 'Bronx Bombers'.

The day was so cool I have on jeans and a light sweater. 

Brigit is completely well from her sickness. Not only does she eat breakfast and dinner all down, she wants treats and stuff from our meals. It's so good to have her back. We love her so.

I thought today was Thursday so that I tried to get on a zoom that IS for Thursday.

Life is so weird I forget which day it is from time to time. Nothing is regular.

Pinot Ggrigio is what I drink, though my spell check doesn't recognize that wine.

I miss Josh and Cathy and the three Bradley girls so much. We haven't seen them since Christmas.

We have seen Mimi and Tim and Eleanor 3 times since then, but they're in upstate New York and can come to CT. You can't go from Maryland to CT or the other way around yet because of the virus.

See, I got through this without being political at all.

But wait for tomorrow's post! (my video blog)

I shouldn't have to say all opinions here are mine and mine alone for this post.


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