Monday, September 21, 2020

It's really not time

 I'm really not ready to pounce on the president and republican senators for trying to fill RBG's seat on the Supreme court.

Oh, I will. But it's really not time.

We need mourn for her and let her public services happen before getting too political.

She was one of the most influential Supreme Court justices of all time.

Her tireless, dogged work for equal rights bettered life, not just for women and minorities, but for all of us.

We have a more just system that would have had without her. There is lots more to do, but she plowed the field so others can plant freedom and democracy to a greater level.

My daughter texted to say, "I wish I could sleep until 2022!"

In another text she said it wasn't her life, but the loss of Ginsberg and the grave uncertainties in our country she wishes she could sleep through.

Lots of us probably feel the same.

2020 has been a brutal year.

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