Thursday, September 17, 2020


What is this nonsense about not wearing masks because it violates your constitutional rights?

I watched a video today of dozens of people storming a Walmart without masks, shouting and singing, spreading whatever germs they have around the store for those there and those to come later.

I may always wear a mask when I go out in public.

Experts say the flu season won't be as bad this year because people are wearing masks.

People in hospitals have always worn masks to protect themselves and those they go home to.

Put on a mask you idiots!

It's not about you, it's about the people you love.

It's about me and everyone else.

Our constitution says we are all created equal.

So put on a mask to protect your equals.

Just do it. It's not hard. I'm used to it now and actually feel uncomfortable without one, just walking down our street.

Save lives. Wear a mask. Socially distance. Wash you hands more than usual.

It's common sense--and common sense is what created our constitution.  link to my video blog. All opinions here are mine and mine alone.


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