Friday, September 4, 2020

Tomorrow it is....

 On September 5, 1970, Bernadine Pisano and I were married at the Catholic Church in Gary, WV. An Episcopal priest was there, but it was short and sweet.

Tomorrow is 50 years since that day.

Oh, my Lord!!!

50 years together.

And she still surprises me from time to time.

And I surprise her.

On and on it goes.

Imagine that!

We know each other so well, so deeply, so profoundly.

And yet we still surprise each other from time to time.

My love for her is beyond expression.

We'll be with 5 or 6 best friends tomorrow.

I'll take our wedding album for people to see us half-a-century ago.

My heart is full of joy and wonder and thankfulness.

Two children, 4 grand-daughters, a life spent together.

I'm amazed.

And so very, very thankful.

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