Monday, May 10, 2021

Reaching out to President Biden

Dear Joe,

The Roman Catholic hierarchy in this country is bad mouthing you about 'absolutely' opposing abortion.

I heard on NPR today (what else would I listen to?) that some priests are announcing before mass that anyone who is not actively opposed to abortion should not receive communion.

As a devoted and life-long Roman Catholic, this must be tough on you. I'm sorry about that.

But I have a solution for you.

Become an Episcopalian.

We are open to abortion rights and really defend a woman's right to choose what happens to her body.

And whatever your priests might tell you, we have a valid communion--it IS the Body and Blood of Christ.

And we are diverse as you want this country to be.

An old saying: get four Episcopalians in a room and there will be five different opinions!

Come on over, Joe. Imagine what the response would be when you showed up at the National Cathedral in D.C. and received communion!

We'd welcome you with open arms and a nice chalice of wine....

Sincerely and Shalom, Jim Bradley (a semi-retired Episcopal priest in CT) 

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