Friday, May 28, 2021

It's raining tonight

 Bern says we need the rain. I don't pay much attention to such things, but I always believe her.

So much is in bloom. Our 4 rhododendron trees are spectacular, as is our snowball bush and columbine (who knew there was a plant named after that tragic city?) and lilies and lots of irises. 

What's not in bloom is the integrity of most of the Republicans in the Senate who blocks the bill to create a bi-partisan commission to look into the attack of the Capitol on January 6.

Six (God bless them!) did vote yes, but there needed to be 10 to avoid a filibuster, which they were willing to do if need be.

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska called them out on it in a wondrous way. Love you Lisa.

If people broke into your house, damaged it and threatened your life, wouldn't you want to get the bottom of it?

Of course you would.

But 44 Republican Senators didn't want to do what any sane and reasonable person would do!

They are afraid of attacks (and maybe primary challenges) backed by the former president (who as you know will not be named here).

Lisa and Susan Collins have more balls than any of the men (except those who voted yes).

Sad day for the GOP....

And for the country.

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