Wednesday, May 5, 2021

My cell phone

 I'm thinking about giving up my cell phone.

Almost nobody calls me on it, except my cousin Mejol, and she can use the land-line #.

Perhaps 2/3 of the calls I get show up as "Scam Likely".

I don't have email on it, on purpose, so that's no problem.

And it would save money for my old age home!

People do text me from time to time, but I never respond.

Plus, I seldom have it with me.

I take it on Sundays when I'm doing services, just in case something goes wrong with the car--but never carry it on short journeys, like to the stores.

Sometimes I forget where I put it for a few days and have to call it to find it.

Only thing I like about it is the alarm that I use when I need to get up for something earlier than I would naturally.

But I could get an alarm clock for much less than the phone costs.

Maybe I'll give it up.

I think I'd be happier without it.

It's mostly a pain to own....

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