Monday, May 3, 2021

Bern moved the plants

Bern moved the plants she keeps inside for the winter out on the deck a few days ago.

Our deck looks like a garden.

Vines, ferns, plants and flowers all against the side of the deck that looks East.

I have nothing to do with plants--all Bern's deal.

I remember when we lived in Morgantown and Bern went to New York to be in several off Broadway plays, I let all the house plants die.

She was pissed when she came back and saw the carnage.


I also got offered a job as Priest in Charge today.

I accepted.

It's only year by year, which is good for me because I may be loosing my marbles before long!

I am old.

My knees make me walk like I'm drunk and I bump into things.

I should go have them looked at, but they don't hurt--just throw off my gait.

I sleep a lot--from 11p.m. to 9 or so a.m. each day.

And I often open a cabinet and wonder why I did--or open the wrong cabinet when I knew what I was looking for.

Age is not a gift in many ways.

But I think I know what I think and believe more clearly than I did as a younger man.

Some good stuff and some not so good.

But Bern's plants give me joy.


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