Friday, May 14, 2021

Who are these People?

     Have Republicans lost their mind? Or just their politics?

    Andrew Clide, a Representative from Georgia, said in a hearing the other day that the insurrectionists looked to him like 'tourists in the Capitol."

    I watch the late night shows on You-Tube since I don't stay up late enough to watch them on TV.

    Every one of them--Cobert, Meyers, Kimmel and Cordon--played that clip with video of the violence of the storming of the Capitol side-by-side.

    Seth Meyers asked, "is he a f****** idiot?" and immediately replied to his own question, "of course he's a f****** idiot." 

    Liz Cheney was replaced as leader of the Republican caucus by Elsie Stefanic, from up-state New York. Cheney's approval rating by Conservative sources was almost 90%. Stefanic's 47% rating was a point lower than Rep. Omar, one of the AOC group.

    And don't get me started on Matt Gatez and Rep. Green! Gatez's right hand man has turned state's evidence in his 33 counts of sexual misconduct and will probably testify against Matt.

    Green, in a newly released video before she was elected, is shown shouting insults to A.O.C. through the mail slot of her office. She also recently yelled insults to her in the House hallways. A.O.C. was gentle when she said Green had 'some problems'.

    I've said it before, but my life-long Eisenhower Republican father wouldn't recognize his party.

    It isn't the Republican party any more.

    It's the party of (the ex-president who will not be named here.)

    Who are these people?


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