Tuesday, May 18, 2021


I had my zoom meeting this morning with a group of clergy and laymen (no women sadly) that I've been a part of for almost 30 years. I love them dearly but sometimes they get to deep into Biblical history and esoteric theology for my taste. Which is interesting since I've had more theological education than any of them--7 years. But I tune out when it gets too deep. Besides I only read mysteries! 

Then I went to get the two Zolair injections I get every two weeks that have changed my life. I was asthmatic from childhood and Zolair has made it all go away. The nurse today told me my lungs were clearer than she'd ever heard them--though my eyes are killing me from pollen.

That's twice in two days I've been told my lungs were clear--in the midst of allergy season! Yesterday I went to the oncologist to get my every three month shot to lower my PSA. It is below normal--but it should be zero since I had my prostate removed years and years ago. She doesn't know why, but has (thankfully) detected no cancer to this point.

After my shots, I had lunch with Brian V. who was my lay-assistant at St. John's in Waterbury for a bunch of years. My favorite story about Brian is that he was telling some older men at coffee hour about the Buddhist retreat he'd been on. (He served a Buddhist temple for a decade or more as well as being my lay-assistant and a chaplain at Waterbury Hospital.) One of the men said, "Brian, are you a Christian?" and Brian gave the best reply to that question I've ever heard: "At least," he told them.

Then I talked on the phone to Bea, who is the office manager of the Cluster Ministry I served for 7 years. She told me she reads my blog and thinks I sometimes sound 'melancholy' from time to time. Which, I must admit, is probably true.

Then I heard that Tom N., a parishioner at St. John's, has died. I've tried to call his daughter a dozen times but there's no answer and her messages are full.

My favorite story about Tom is, since he was from Jamaica, and there were dozens and dozens of people in the parish from Barbuda, "Jim, do you know why other West Indies people think Jamaicans think they are superior to them?"

"No, I don't." I said.

"Because we are!" he said, and laughed uproariously. 

Rest in Peace, Dear Tom.

That was my day.


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