Sunday, May 16, 2021

Everyone fits

(I got this song by the Altar Boyz in a letter, a very kind letter, from Susan Cromwell, who was the secretary at St. John's in my last years there, thanking me for letting her and her family 'fit' into the life of the church. It expresses all I believe about 'the Family of God'.)


Somedays you just can't begin

You feel outside looking in

it's like, you're the odd man out,

let me help you end your doubt

it doesn't matter

if you're different or out of place

it doesn't matter if there's ache on your face

it doesn't matter

Take my hand and then

you will see

Everybody fits in God's great family

Strangers seem to stop and stare

Wonderin' why you're even there

Feeling so left out and wrong

I'll show 

You that

You belong

it doesn't matter

if you have a gigantic nose

if you've been born with eleven toes

You can trust and 

Believe in me

Everyone fits in God's great family

In the family of God you'll learn

That there's no such thing as others

All the women and men on earth

Can be your sisters and your brothers

it doesn't matter

if you're wrinkled an old an grey

it doesn't matter 

if you face mecca when you pray

it doesn't matter

Won't you listen

and hear my plea, everyone fits

it doen't matter

if you're yellow or black or white or red

it doesn't matter

if you're pregnant an unwed

it doesn't matter

'Cause the truth it can

set you free, everybody fits

Everybody fits!

it doesn't matter

Every murderer on death row

it doesn't matter

Every prostitute that you know

it doesn't matter

Welcome to the 

Fraternity, everybody fits in God's great family

we fit into the family







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