Friday, May 7, 2021

The un-Holy MAGA Trinity

Matt Gaetz and Majorie Taylor Green--the son and holy spirit of the un-holy MAGA Trinity (the former President is, of course, the father of all that) are on a speaking and fund raising tour starting tonight.

They are in the Villages--the largest retirement complex in Florida, and probably in the world!--spreading the Big Lie and misleading the elderly.

In the meanwhile, Republican state legislatures around the country are passing bills to restrict voting--most recently in Florida.

Matt is under investigation by the Justice Department of a number of sexual crimes--prostitution, crossing state lines for sex and drugs and even having sex with an under-age child.

Marjorie is a Q-anon supporter and a wacko who spouts all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Quite a combo.

And though the Republicans are removing Liz Cheney--one of the most Conservative members of Congress--for telling people Biden won the election fair and square, Republicans are mute on Matt and Marjorie.

What a state we're in!

One party trying to re-build America and the other paying homage to the un-holy MAGA trinity and paying no attention to what the country needs and even Republicans want.

How did we get here?

How can we escape back to sanity and democracy?

Who knows?


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