Saturday, May 29, 2021

A dead colony of worms

I noticed today and I went out to get milk for Bern's corn chowder, that a whole colony of worms were dead on our walk-way to the drive way.

The cold or the rain, I suppose. Tiny little worms, wiped out in their infancy. 


If I were a worm and wanted someone to stand up for me in the chill and damp, it would be Jen Psaki, Biden's press secretary. 

She is focus, calm, factual and firm.

And she doesn't suffer fools lightly.

If you  haven't seen more of her than clips on nightly news, you need to go to You-Tube and watch a longer interchange with the press.

She always calls on right-wing reporters when they raise their hands with a question. She answers them concisely, truthfully and not without a good deal of irony.

Thing is, I don't think they get the irony, though other reporters are grinning at her answers.

We all need to be like that.

Do not suffer fools lightly.

Speak the truth with politeness and with irony.

Whether they get the irony or not.


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