Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Will it never end?

I just watched a news video from the Colorado House where a speaker referred to a black member as 'Buckwheat' and then had the gall to call it 'a term of endearment'. The Speaker called a recess, Lord love her.

My three Baltimore grand-daughters are mixed race. Their mother (a Judge in Maryland, by the way) is a second generation Taiwanese American. I fear for her and her daughters during this time of Asian hate crimes.

I served churches for 30 years that were either African-American or had a large Black and West Indian membership. At St. John's in Waterbury we also had a Hispanic congregation and a Hispanic priest.

I have been part of a couple of Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Cheshire (which is, unfortunately 90% or more white) but most of the participants were white.

Not everyone white is involved in hate and racism, but too many are.

What did the last President call African nations? "Sh*t hole countries!"

Hopefully the Biden administration will make some progress.

But 'some' progress is not what's needed.

'Total elimination' of racial hate is what's needed.

Will it never end???


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