Monday, May 24, 2021

Majorie Taylor Green

When I told Bern I thought MTG (whose name I will never spell out again on this blog) was a douche bag, she told me that wasn't harsh enough. Apparently a 'douche bag' actually serves a purpose, which she who will not be named, doesn't.

Let me try: 'feeling cold is like the ice age', 'killing a fly is like the extinction of dinosaurs', 'a family disagreement is like World War II', none of those do.

What she said was being required to wear a mask in the House Camber was like the holocaust.

She's much worse than a douche bag.

She is a plague on our Congress and our Country--like the one masks prevent...since half of the House Republicans haven't been vaccinated though 100% of Democrats in the House have.

She is s*** on the floor of the House of Representatives.

She is a disgrace to us all and a deeper disgrace to Jews anywhere.

Make her go away!

Oh, yes, though some Republicans have repudiated her, the leaders of the House haven't....


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