Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Well, that didn't go over well

 When I told Bern I was going to give up my cell phone, she yelled at me for 10 minutes or so.

Well, 'yelling' isn't exactly right. She talked harshly at me to tell me all the reasons I shouldn't do that.

When I told her I didn't get many calls, she responded (rightly) that I don't give anyone my number. I don't.

She told me a man my age needs a phone with him in his car.

Which is probably right.

She accused me of wanting to live in 1985--which I admitted was true--I was 38 and it was a great year.

So, I won't be giving up my cell phone.

And I will give more people my cell number.

And I'll try, as best I can, to live in 2021....


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