Saturday, December 17, 2016

a week away....

With a coating of snow, it's not hard to believe Christmas is a week away--but the temperatures forecast for the next week are back in the 40's, maybe even 50 on Christmas Day!

Bern has spent the day rearranging furniture! I stay out of the way!!! I would probably never move a piece of furniture across the room, much less upstairs to downstairs. I just lay low and pray she doesn't hurt herself since I'm still no help because of my knee immobilizer.

Plus, she doesn't want me helping anyway....

First it was the candy houses that focused her for days. Today, and probably tomorrow, whole rooms with be transformed by her single-handily. Bless her energy. I'll just stay out of the way.

I've already finished and illustrated her story for this year and since she only drove me away for one day, she must have finished whatever she made me.

Our children know to donate money--hopefully to pet rescue groups--for our presents.

My little gifts are all in bags on the table beside me.

We've discussed the Christmas Day menu.

All that's missing are the kids/their spouses and the grand-daughters....

But that's good enough to wait for a few more days.

Waiting, after all, is what Advent's about. It just makes the gift sweeter to wait on it....

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