Monday, December 5, 2016

Blue Christmas #2

I had to go back to March 15, 2015 to find a post that got more views than "Blue Christmas" on December 2, 2016 has already gotten.

There have been almost a post a day, on average, since 3/15/15. But in the past three days more people have read "Blue Christmas" from 12/2/16 than any of the others in over a year!

So, what's that about?

Did I really touch a cord about the negative feelings around this time of year and how we are all pressured into not admitting to them?

Did people tell other people to read about the Service of Remembrance and Support that the Cluster Churches host because it might speak to them?

Does it go that deeply?

I'm obviously out of my depths here since I don't have very many negative feelings attached to Christmas but acknowledge and support those who do.

I've always thought the season was fraught with artifice and pretense. Since I take Advent with great seriousness (my most spiritual time of the year) my feelings about this time of year are deep and quiet, not public and frivolous.

But there must be a real undercurrent of feeling out there in blog land about the 'blue' side of Christmas.

Since I make my living around this time of year, I'd love to hear more from you about those painful memories during the Christmas season. You can comment on the blog. I don't know if others can read that, however. So it would be safer to email me at with your thoughts.

I really would like to hear them.

The readers of the original Blue Christmas post must have something they need to share....

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