Monday, December 19, 2016


Yesterday, driving to church in Killingworth, I drove through the worst fog I remember driving through. Coming home was second worst....

And that's from a guy from the fog capitol, Southern West Virginia. Mountains and moisture and rapidly shifting temperature make for a log of fog a lot of the time.

But yesterday was Epic Fog.

Between Durham and Killingworth on Routes 79 and 80, it was ghostly, the whole landscape. Not to mention that part of CT looks more like WV than any other.

I actually like the fog.

You could do worse than pull over to the side of the road and just get out and stand in the fog.

It's an apt metaphor, in many ways, for how I go through life, just feeling myself along, straining to see the right direction, hoping I'm not going to fast.

Being lost in a Cloud is an image from Christian mysticism for seeking God or the Holy.

Not a bad place to be--'the Cloud of Unknowing'.

"Knowing" is well over rated. 'Unknowing', that's getting someplace even if the view isn't clear and directions are difficult and 'seeking' becomes a way of being....

Next good fog, go out and 'be there'....

You'll thank me for it.

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