Saturday, December 10, 2016


"Immobilize" is the verb of the noun of the thing I've worn on my right leg since September 28. That noun is "immobilizer".

It is a fabric brace with a three inch flat metal piece in the back and two one inch flat metal pieces on the right and left and four Velcro tabs to tie it on. And it does it's job. It, according to Merriam-Webster, serves to 'reduce or eliminate motion of the body by mechanical means'.

Velcro, metal and fabric doesn't seem very 'mechanical' to me--but it damn sure works.

I wore this thing 24 hours a day except for bi-weekly and horrifying showers without being able to put weight on my right foot, except for my toes--from September 28 until November 14. All that time I wore the immobilizer and used crutches (which I suck at!). Since November 14, I can walk with a cane and drive again. But watching me get into and out of a car with an immobilizer on should make America's Funniest Videos.

I've been having Physical Therapy almost since surgery, but even though I do that without the brace, the brace is still 'immobilizing' my life.

I hope on December 19 that Dr. Shai ('Shaw') will take it away.

My knee is still stiff though I can bend it to 110 degrees and walk easily without the cane at PT. I can even go up steps at PT without the brace.

I'm still (except when sleeping without the brace and taking showers without terror) made immobile most of my waking life.

Here's my advice: never, ever rupture your quad muscle on either leg.

Heed that advice well....Or find out what 'immobile' really means (Merriam-Webster come to life....)

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