Friday, December 30, 2016

La-La Land

That's the movie Bern and I will go see on Inauguration Day.

Neither of us want to be near a TV that day.

For the two of us--and millions of others, Trump becoming President is something we'd not want to view, in any way.

So, we'll go to a movie and dinner and probably I'll drink some wine (Bern doesn't her demise in this case) and just try to get through the day and pretend 'life as we know it' didn't end.

But it will. It will.

"Life as we know it", for 4 years at least, is over.

(I bought all the adults in our family "We're Still Here" blue baseball hats for Christmas. Bill Maher designed them and Michael Moore wears one.Just a reminder to Trump World that we are still here.)

La-la-Land won't make reality 'real' again. But it will pass the day.


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