Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Short but oh, so sweet...

Mimi, Tim and Ellie came up from Brooklyn on Christmas Eve morning. Josh and Cathy and the three Bradley girls didn't get here until I'd left to do two (4 and a 6) Xmas Eve services. Everyone went to our friend John's Christmas Eve party and got home about half-an-hour after I did. We opened stocking presents and slept until 7 for Christmas day.

It was a wonderful day--full of talk and laughter and joy and a little alcohol....

John came to make 10 for dinner. The girls (all of us really) kept Ellie the center of attention!

Good food and a great family. What else do you need?

Josh and Cathy left early on the 26th--she had court of the 27th--and Tim and Mimi left in mid-afternoon.

Bern did, as always, put the house back in 'just the two of us' shape and we had a quiet evening.

'Bout all I could have wished for....

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