Monday, December 12, 2016

Open Letter #6

I've been a while, Morgan, Emma, Tegan and Ellie. I've been living day to day knowing that for a few more weeks Donald Trump isn't 'really' President of our nation. Not yet, dear Lord, not yet.

I've been in deep denial that he will ever be your president (our!) but denial really isn't much more than a river in Egypt.

I have to face the facts (even though Donald doesn't!) and admit this is going to happen and happen soon.

I think I mentioned he said "millions" voted illegally with no basis in truth.

Since then he's taken credit for keeping a thousand jobs in the US (while actually a multi-million dollar tax break by Indiana did).

*He's taken on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and Alex Baldwin again on twitter for making fun of him. (The boy hasn't learned the adage that 'all publicity' is 'good publicity'. Most people would be delighted to be made fun of on SNL! But not thin skinned Donald....

*He's not receiving the daily 'security briefings' a President Elect should be getting. He says he doesn't need to be told things over and again and to 'brief him' if something new comes up.

*Plus, and the worse yet for the future, he has said the CIA report on Russian hacking in order to influence the election isn't accurate. Well, maybe, if he doesn't believe the CIA about that, he doesn't believe them about other things and simply doesn't want to hear from them!!!!

People all over the political spectrum have eyes rolling out of their heads and eyebrows having to be scraped off the ceiling. If the President doesn't trust the CIA, who does he trust? Brite-Bart news? Putin? His own intuition? His own 'imagination'?

In a little over a month, he's going to be the Commander in Chief and the boss of the CIA. Will he simply 'fire' the CIA like he fired people on his TV show?

This my beloved grand-daughters is a moment verging into the surreal. The CIA stands between all of us and lots of evil. And the man who will be President (in spite of my denial....) doesn't believe them????

Lordy, Lordy.

I'm not just saying that as folksy Appalachian-speak. I'm calling on the God of the Universe to help us.....

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.....

Love  you girls like I love my own heart, because you are. Granpa....

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