Thursday, December 15, 2016

ok, now it's New England

Today I'd been driving and when I started to get out of the car--still awkward because of my knee immobilizer--the wind blew the cold, cold air against the car door and shut it on my good leg!

I've lived in New England for 36 years (+2 years in Cambridge for Grad School)--that's 38 years, It's 55% of my life that I've been a resident of the (thankfully) blue-state New England. There's an old joke in Connecticut: the first hundred years are the hardest....It takes a while to 'become' a New England-er, but I think I now qualify.

And today it was officially New England. The temperature plummeted 25 or more degrees from yesterday and the wind got angry. Wind chill tonight is below zero. And will be all day tomorrow, if the Weather Channel is to be believed. (Though, since we're in Trump-world, why believe the National Weather Service any more than the CIA?)

But it snaps back on Sunday to high 30's/low 40's and may be in the 50's part of next week and ON CHRISTMAS DAY!

So, New England lives for 48 hours or so and then we're back to what we're becoming--part of the Mid-Atlantic states: Maryland, Virginia, Delaware...places like that.

But it can't be 'climate change', Lordy, no! That was canceled out by the Presidential Election.

Maybe everything here in Trump-land is simply becoming more like Mar-a-lago.....

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