Friday, December 23, 2016

Tis the season....

Just as Americans do politically, the crowd shopping in Stop and Shop this morning split down the middle: naughty and nice....

I had half-a-dozen harried shoppers cut me off in an aisle with not so much as a fare thee well.

At the same time, more than that backed up to let me pass and smiled.

Most of the aggression wasn't so much 'aggressive' as just pretending they were the only person there.

Half the small kids were listening attentively to their parents and the other half were running amok! I kid had hidden underneath a vegetable display and his father dragged him out. I expected the man to hit the kid and present me with a moral dilemma...but he just picked him up and carried him away.

Lots of people simply seemed like they wanted to be anywhere on the eve of the Eve besides shopping.

And most of the people in really ugly holiday sweaters were the friendliest in the store.

Something about an ugly holiday sweater to bring out the best in folks....

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