Thursday, August 9, 2018

Amy Kremer

I was watching Elin Burnett on "Up Front" on CNN. OK, I watch CNN and MSNBC for my news--I've told you before I'm so left-wing I scare myself. (And there is this--those two cable networks always have voices from the right, unlike Fox and left-wing voices.)

There was a story on a Neo-Nazi who told a reporter he has 'felt safe' since November of 2016, an obvious reference to the election of the current president.

Elin asked Amy Kremer, co-founder and chair of Women for Trump, to explain how that didn't imply that folks like Neo-Nazis and other extreme white nationalists didn't take solace in The President's positions of them. Like saying after the Charlottesville riots (today or tomorrow is the one year anniversary of that madness) that there were 'good people' on both sides.

Amy said that the President wasn't responsible for the rise of white nationalism in any way and that he wasn't a racist.

A man who did not refuse David Duke's support. A man who has denigrated Hispanics over and again and said Muslims 'hate us'. As Rector of St. John's in Waterbury for 21 years we had a thriving Hispanic congregation and a mosque that used our buildings for their home. The Hispanics were good, moral people and the Muslims appreciated our including them in our family.

A President who wanted to push back on White Nationalism would encourage immigration and welcome hard working Hispanics and Muslims to this 'nation of immigrants'. He would loudly condemn racism and neo-Nazis. He would reject all talk of returning to 'white America'.

But he doesn't.

And Amy Kremer, who may be a fine human being, can't see the cracks in the president's image and can't see racism for what it is.

As the president would tweet: SAD.

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