Thursday, August 9, 2018

Vacation soon

Lordy, lordy, I'm tired of writing about the President.....

Vacation is only three weeks away. I'm going to think about that instead of He Who Will Not Be Named.

We went to Oak Island, North Carolina--over the Inter coastal waterway from Southport, 30 miles from Wilmington, when Josh was a fetus. We went every year for 2 or 3 or 4 weeks until he was 17 and a couple of years after that. We even owned a house on Long Beach when we were living in the Rectory of St. Paul's, New Haven. It was on the canal, not the ocean front and we only stayed there a time or two, choosing to rent it out long-term to people who came to work at the Nuclear Power Plant 20 miles away.

Then we started going to Block Island because I found this deal with St. Anne's church there--you did the Sunday service and could stay in the house for free for a week. Once, on a sabbatical I spent 5 weeks on 'the Block'. The kids would come for a few days whenever we were there as would our friends John and Jack and Sherry.

Then, 7 or 8 years ago, Mimi called and asked where we used to go when she was a friend and she and her boyfriend--now husband--Tim went. When they came back she called to say they were going every year and we were going with them. John and Sherry and then John and Jack and Sherry tagged along. We rent a huge house on the beach in September because Oak Island is a 'family beach' and kids are back in school and we have yards and yards of private beach.

Two years ago Mimi and Tim didn't go since Eleanor was a newborn and Bern and I didn't go because I tore the ligaments from my knee by missing a step on the back stairs as we were about to go and get the limo with John and Sherry to New York for the flight. John and Sherry rattled around in a 5 bedroom house without any company!

Last year Jack retired and Eleanor was a year old and the 8 of us went and it was magic.

I love Oak Island so much and found out from my Cousin Mejol that my second cousin (Mejol's brother's girl) Kim lives there now with her Veterinarian husband. So I'll get to see Kimmy, who I was once walking when she was three or so and she broke away and went to stomp an ant hill. She came back, took my hand and said, 'they were going to bite Kimmy'. It sort of made sense though I reject the senseless slaughter of ants.

I'll go see her during Vet hours since Mejol tells me Kim's husband is a fan of the president.

(Just when I thought I could write a post without mentioning him.....)

Alas and alack....

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