Monday, August 6, 2018

Birds--not songs, just birds

I don't know why--perhaps because of the heat--our yard was full of birds today. I sat on the deck and saw a dozen at a time--cardinals, robins, a yellow wren, sparrows, all over our back yard along with a squirrel or two, a couple of chipmunks and our beloved ground hog.

Bern cut the grass this morning before the worst of the heat and they all seemed intent in seeing what they could find.

Plus, we have a bird bath under the grape vine draped across it's archway support, and many of them were drinking a bit or splashing around.

When I went out to get in the car, two mourning doves that live somewhere near our front porch were there. And there when I came back.

Today has been filled with birds and creatures--our hummingbird came back along with a Monarch and a Black butterfly--not too many butterflies this year.

When I go out later to smoke, there will be a few fireflies in the yard as well.

Creatures is what I've been focusing on today. A good way to not focus on He Who Will Not Be Named, our president and his madness of the day in August.

Creatures--birds, butterflies, groundhogs--are as good as he is dangerous.

Focus on the creatures from time to time--for your blood pressure if nothing else.

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