Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Soon, so soon....

Bern is in Brooklyn, looking out for Eleanor for two days since her day care is closed for a week. She'll be back at the train station in New Haven around 5 tomorrow.

I miss her more than I can say/ After all this time, being away from her is painful, even though we can go through a day with less than a couple of conversations. Just being in the same house with her is soothing to me. Who knew love could last so long, so deep?

But soon, soon...Saturday in fact, we fly to Myrtle Beach and go in the rental car to Oak Island with John and Sherry and Jack. Mimi and Tim and Eleanor will fly to Raleigh and drive to Oak Island from there.

And a week on the ocean surround by friends and family and food...lots of food...and not a little 'drink' as well.

How great that will be.

I have two days to write some stuff to tide you over until we get back on September 8. I'll try.

But a week away from my computer is a gift in itself.....

I may turn my phone off as well. I don't get email on it, at least and no one ever calls me.

No devices for a week---heaven....

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