Thursday, August 30, 2018

While we're there

September  5th is our anniversary. It will come on Oak Island and we'll go out to eat to celebrate with Mimi/Tim/Eleanor and our friends.

It will be our 48th anniversary.

Lord Jesus Christ, how can that be? I'm still a young man and Bern's still the elfin seductress she's always been!

But wait, our son is 43 and our baby daughter is 40.

Oh, my Lord, it's been 48 years!!!

Some days it seems like we just met. Some days it seems like we're still young lovers. And yet the truth is clear--4 granddaughters...two of whom are near being young women--and we're still here, almost half a century later.

Who would have known?

How could we have known--14 and 17 when we met?

And here we are.

It's been a long ride and one I wish I could live again.

I love her so, and all she's given me. All of it.

Like any long ride, it's not always been smooth--but it has endured and endured and endured.

Thank God!!!

Truly, God, I thank you.....

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