Friday, August 3, 2018

God must love green

Driving down I-81 with the Blue Ridge Mountains on one side, Mejol said, "God must really love green."

I am so glad she pointed it out because today on our deck, looking out at our backyard that Bern has been crafting for 30 years, I started counting different shades of green.

I got to 18 when I realized I'd only looked at one side of the yard and suddenly saw five different shades of green in the grass!

Connecticut is ablaze with greens, as the drive in Virginia was.

I need to pay more attention to Nature. I tend to have my nose in a book--well, not literally! Just my eyes on it--when I'm outside, while Nature is screaming at me in too many shades of green and too many colors: LOOK AT ME, YOU IDIOT!!!!!

Ponder the wonder of creation at least once a day for 10 minutes. It will fill you up until you can feel tears of joy near.

And pray, pray hard for those people in the West where fire is transforming nature into ash and all those people around the world where Nature is a threat and not a joy.

And, if you're anywhere like here, you must admit without argument that God must really love Green...

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