Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Is What's-his-name a racist?

Let's see.

He was sued for not renting to Blacks when he was offering apartments in NYC.

He was sued by black dealers in his casinos for pulling them off the tables when high-rollers and celebrities were present.

He was sued by black construction companies in Atlantic City for failure to pay his debts.

He called Mexicans 'rapists' and 'criminals' when he announced he was running for President.

He said 'all Muslims' hate America.

After the terrible hurricanes he made disparaging  remarks about people in Puerto Rico.

He called some African countries "shit-holes".

He said Maxine Waters was 'low I-Q'.

He said a Hispanic judge couldn't be fair to him.

He called Don Lemon 'the dumbest person on TV news' and said only Lemon could make LeBron James 'look smart'.

Just today he called Omarosa a 'dog' (surely meaning of the female persuasion).

His Press Secretary said today in a press conference that she couldn't 'guarantee' that he'd never said the N-word.

Well, is he a racist?

You decide....

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