Sunday, August 12, 2018


Tonight I remembered Danny Beckweth.

Danny was a professor of sorts at Virginia Seminary when I was there. I say 'of sorts' because I think he was at least semi-retired. He may have been a homiletics professor at one time because he always seemed to know when a student had done his/her first sermon at their field work church.

Danny would corner them at lunch and ask them four questions.

"Did you preach Sunday?" The answer was always 'yes' since he already knew that.

"Was anyone saved?" was the second question. The student had no way to answer that and usually said 'I don't know.'

"Well," Danny would say, "did anyone walk out in anger?" And, of course, the student would answer, 'no'.

Danny would think for a while and then say, "Then what the hell did you preach about if no one was saved and no one walked out?"

Would that I would remember that wisdom more often and find the passion to either 'save' someone or confront them with the reality of the Gospel that would cause them to leave in anger.

That would be 'some preach-in'....

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