Friday, September 21, 2018

A dog, a dog....

This weekend we will most likely adopt a dog.

There are two events to go to so we can meet dogs.

All that matters is if she is good with kids (because of our granddaughters) and if we love her.

We've almost always had a dog. Finney, a Puli born in Budapest was our first. He was hit by a car when we were away on our pre-separation trip to the beach.

Then there was little Annie, Bern rescued from the streets of New Haven.

Then Sadie, another rescue who was half-lab and half-cockier spaniel. A wondrous dog who lived with us as our kids grew up,

Then, of course, Bela, another Puli who was our empty nest dog for 13 years.

He was put down in March and we think--at least we think--our mourning for him will let us have another dog in our family.

We shall see, this weekend, The dog has to be a girl and can't be a puppy. And must love kids.

We shall see.

I'll let you know.

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