Monday, September 24, 2018

Day three

Her name is now Brigit.

She didn't respond to 'annie' so Bern decided she was Brigit, Brigit hasn't complained.

This is a dog unused to human interaction. She is suspicious and fearful, but so very sweet and has still not made a sound.

She walks well but, unlike other dogs, doesn't stay near us. Left on her own she goes up the the sofa in the TV room. We're there with her a lot--I've started reading up there with the TV on mute and Bern watches more TV than I do. So we're with her. When one of us is out of the room and Brigit hears steps on the stairs her tail starts to wag.

She's not overly affectionate yet, but loves affection.

She's a dog who has lived a lot of her life alone. She comes downstairs if neither of us is there for a while and makes sure we're there and then goes back to her nest on the sofa.

A friend told me she had a rescue dog that hid for the first two weeks.

So, we'll be patient.

But she is so sweet and quiet.

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