Monday, September 24, 2018

Luddite that I am

For weeks, months, I have sent unwanted email (Bulgarian women, Latin women, all kinds of women, fixes for ailments I do not have, job offers I never asked for, missives from people in Africa wanting to give me money, 'great deals' from places I've never heard of, loan opportunities, on and on, Asian women, women in my zip code looking to hook up, investment deals, on and on and on) to Spam.

Next day they'd all be back. And I'd send them to Spam.

Then one day this week I get a notice from my computer that I'd never turned on my Spam and offering to do it.

I took the offer and now instead of 70 unwanted emails a day for 4 days I've had none.

How did I know I needed to turn Spam on?

Would I have known how to do it?

I'm hopeless but my computer noticed I was sending 70 emails a day to Spam with no relief and is surely smarter than me.

Thank goodness....

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