Friday, September 28, 2018

Surprise, Surprise!

Thanks to Jeff Flake and others, there will be an FBI inquiry into Judge Kavenough.

Surprise,  surprise.

There is some small reason to continue to believe in the system of government--but not a big one, by any means.

At least, for the first time in recent history, some Democrats and some Republicans actually sat together and talked about 'what's best for the nation' instead of what's best for one side or the other.

Lord, I never thought I'd say this but I miss when Ted Kennedy and Republican senators would get drunk together.

Now the country is so polarized that Democrats and Republicans don't even talk with each other, much less get drunk.

When people who disagreed felt comfortable drinking together was a much better time.

Have some scotch, talk about families, baseball, food you love--get to know each other. Get to even like each other.

Then it will be much harder to be so bitter and mean to each other.

The Senate and House need to hoist a few glasses and narrow the Divide we're now in.

Really. Alcohol is the great equalizer.

Have a drink Judiciary Committee.

We need you to. We really do. This whole country you all claim to love.

Bottoms up!!!

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