Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I've been noticing moths these days.

These mostly tiny creatures who don't live long are, for the most part, beautiful and exquisite.

The designs on their wings are so detailed and delicate. Their little furry feet are so sweet. I used to be afraid of moths--I don't remember why--but now they fascinate me.

You have to admire Mother Nature for coming up with moths.

I think it was something about how erratic their flight is that used to freak me out.

But now I think that is probably a result of evolution. Moths that flit and dart around are harder for a predator to catch, so they survive and multiply and slow, even flying moths got knocked out of the evolutionary chain. That simple, I think.

We're leaving tomorrow to go see Cathy Chen,  our daughter-in-law and mother of Emma, Morgan and Tegan, get sworn in as a judge in Baltimore.

I'll resist as much as I can saying 'Here come the judge" when she enters a room. I can't guarantee I'll be successful in that.

Mimi and Eleanor will be there along with two of Bern's first cousins. We're all in the same hotel and that should be a hoot.

Be back Saturday to tell you all about it.

Meanwhile, ponder moths for me.

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