Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sweet Peas may take over the world

We got back from Oak Island last night. This morning, Bern told me, 'sweet-peas may take over the world'.

Before we left she had torn up a lot of the little blue plants because they had been taking over some other plants. She just tossed them on some dead brush in the area beside our deck which is, in essence, a pet cemetery. There are three dogs, four cats, a dozen or so guiena pigs, two birds and a rat buried in a ten foot by 16 foot area. She puts weeds she pulls there too, and cut grass. I toss corn husks down there and dead house flowers. I'd call it a compost area except the squirrels and chipmunks use it for Lord knows what.

When we got back, all the sweet-peas had found root again and are flourishing.

A hearty and spreading kind of plant.

The world could be taken over by worse things that those blue flowers.

Lots worse....

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