Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Dark

I was grilling dinner near 7 p.m. and noted it was dark. Had the porch light not been on I couldn't have seen the grill.

It seems to have returned overnight--though I know it has been weeks and weeks in coming: but the Dark is back.

I'll have to notice if I have to get up tonight to go to the bathroom (which at my age I often do) if any light is coming or if the Dark is settled in. I happen to sleep so late that I always wake up to daylight, but I'll try to notice or ask Bern (an early riser) when the light returns.

I guess Daylight Savings Time must be coming though I never seem to know when. But that only changes things a little--an hour. The darkness is coming and there are almost 3 months left for it's falling.

I used to think I'd like to live near the equator where the light is rather constant, nothing like New England. But I've changed my mind about that--I actually now adore the darkness of autumn and winter. It is a reminder that we must endure the darkness to live in the light.

It's a metaphor this year for living with the President Who Will Not Be Named.

Dark times. Fearful times. Uncertain times that must be endured to lean toward the Light.

And the Light will come. I truly believe that. Looking at the country these days convinces me of that.

Endure the Darkness, beloved, and lean toward the Light....

It will come. Just as the earth tilts, it will come.

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