Tuesday, December 1, 2020

How little I believe

 I have a 'clergy group' I visit with every Tuesday. I did this for about 30 years now--mostly in person but for the last eight months on zoom. The cast has changed--many of those I remember are dead now--but the ambiance remains the same.

It's not strictly a 'clergy group' any more. A good mix of ordained folks and faithful Episcopal lay-folks is now the make-up.

But some things never change--I always know I can bring something, however odd or weird to the group and find someone there who has insights into my concern. Today I asked if anyone knew what 'recreational lock-picking" might be. I'm reading a book and the author is interested in 'puzzles, long walks and recreational lock-picking'.

Sure enough, someone in the group not only knew about it but had done it!

But one area where I zone out is when it comes to conversations about the 'historicity' of the Bible. A few weeks ago there was a long disagreement about how 'historical' David's stories were in the Old Testament (or to be culturally correct, the "Hebrew Scripture").

I just don't care.

I've never been concerned about how accurate the Hebrew Scriptures are--or the Christian Scriptures for that matter. "Accuracy" has never been an issue with me. I've always thought that much of the Bible, as we know it, is either 'severely edited' or even 'inaccurate'.

After all, all the American History I was ever taught in high school and college, neglected to tell me anything about African-Americans role and participation in our country's history. Why should I believe historians?

I guess I've always been a Buddhist Christian. Jesus is more a 'teacher' for me than a member of the Trinity.

And he taught me well.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Serve the 'least of these'.

Welcome the stranger.

Eat bread and drink wine in his memory and let God decide if it is, in fact, Jesus' Body and Blood.

Know that you are a 'child' of God. As are all people, whether they look like it or not.

Live in Hope for what is to come.

There's not much more than that that I need to believe. I have no interest if the great stories about David and Abraham and Jesus, himself, are historically accurate.

I have all I need to believe and be a Christian and be a Priest.

All I need.



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