Friday, December 11, 2020

Over at last...

 (all opinions here are mine and mine alone)

The Supreme Court (God bless their mostly conservative hearts) refused to hear Texas' appeal to overturn election results in PA, Georgia, Minn. and Mich. because there was no THERE there.

It was grossly unconstitutional (see Article III) and crazy beyond that--seeking to overthrow democracy and the rule of the majority and every thing else that matters. 

No where else for the President to turn to overrule the will of the people!

Biden will be sworn in 42 days from today.

Here's what I want his administration to do.

*fight Covid tooth and nail (with checks to individuals and a vaccine that is fair to all)

*re-join the Paris accord for the Environment

*re-join the Iran anti-nuclear agreement

*reassess (not 'defund') how the police work

*address civil rights with much agression

*protect the rights of LGBTQ citizens

*forgive some student debt

*back the Green New Deal in many ways

*address the economic inequality of our country

*raise taxes on the rich and corporations

*increase DACA rights and membership and make immigration welcome again

*expand the Affordable Care Act and give health care to all

And when they've done all that, I'll have another list!




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