Friday, December 18, 2020

Overcoming the anxiety

 (all opinions here are mine and mine only)

We went to Costco this week.

I have a Visa card through Costco and every year I get a check back for using it. This year was $268. Next year will be more.

Since this year's check would expire at the end of the year, we went to spend some of it.

I was terrified.

I don't mind going to the super market or the drug store, but the thought of going into a crowded big-box store was messing with my mind.

I don't know when I got anxious about Covid and certainly don't know when that will go away--but it is very real.

We even went the week before but the parking lot was so full I convinced Bern not to go in.

Oh, what a relief that was!

But then I heard on NPR that big-box stores, because of their size and height and ventilation, were safer than most stores.

So we went.

I gave them the check at check out and they gave me the change in cash. I guess you could just go in and cash it.

I'm glad we went. I breathed a little easier.

Joy on The View, said she was 'furious' at people over the virus. And the most of her fury was that everyone wasn't 'furious'.

I agree with her. A mayor in Kansas resigned because she got death threats over a mask mandate.

What is wrong with people?

It's not much to ask: wear a mask, socially distance, wash your hands. I'm furious that people can't do such simple things.... to my youtube blog

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