Tuesday, December 8, 2020


 The Supreme Court today refused to hear (with no dissents) the last ditch effort of the current President to overcome the results of a fair, well-run, no problem election of Joe Biden.

It's really all over now.

With Republican governors in several swing states ignoring the current President's pleas to cancel a fair election, nothing else, I can see, can be done by the administration to cancel the will of the people.

Will the president attend the inauguration of Biden?

Probably not.

He should, but he probably won't.

There's even a scenario where he'll fly to Florida on the inauguration day to try to steal TV coverage from the new President.

Who know?

But this we know, on that day a new president will come into office and have to try to repair the damage this one has done and continues to do to the government of the U.S.

God help him--a lot to do in the midst of a pandemic the current president has ignored while calling 'fraud' about a fair election he lost.

And God help us.

We need it.

(all opinions here are mine and mine only)

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