Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Today's talk

(all opinions here are mine and mine only)


I have a Tuesday morning zoom group of truly committed Episcopalians--some ordained, some not.

Today we talked a lot about 'what we believe' and I was reminded of my Credo that sums up my beliefs. I've probably blogged it before, but why not once more.




I believe in the Edges of God.

Truly, that is my limit on the whole question of Creed.


I don't believe in a God storming out of the clouds

and smiting me to smithereens if I am bad.

I don't believe in a God who would wake me up,

pin me to my bed and give me bleeding sores

on my palms and my feet,

much less my side.

(Explain that to your general practitioner!)

I don't believe in a God who would instruct me

to slay infidels or displace peaceful people

so I can have a Motherland.

I don't believe in a God who has nothing better to do

besides visit bedrooms around the globe

uncovering (literally) illicit love.

I don't believe in a god who frets

about who wins the next election.

I don't believe in a God who believes in 'abomination'.


I believe in the edges of God--

the soft parts, the tender pieces--

the feathers and the fur of God.


I do believe in the ears of God,

which stick out—cartoon like—on the edges of God's Being.

I, myself, listen and listen

and then listen some more

for the Still, Small Voice.

I believe in God's nose—prominent and distinctively

Jewish in my belief--

I smell trouble from time to time

and imagine God sniffs it out too.

The toenails and fingernails of God--

there's something I can hold onto,

if only tentatively.


Hair, there's something to believe in as well.

God's hair—full, luxurious, without need of gel or conditioner,

filling up the Temple, heaven, the whole universe!

I can believe in God's hair.


God's edges shine and blink and reflect color.

God's edges are like the little brook,

flowing out the woods just beyond the tire swing,

in what used to be my grandmother's land.

God's edges are like the voices of old friends,

old lovers, people long gone but not forgotten.

God's edges are not sharp or angled.

The edges of God are well worn by practice

and prayer and forgotten possibilities

about to be remembered.

God's edges are like the wrists of someone

you don't quite recall but can't ever remove from your heart.

God's edges are rimmed and circled

with bracelets of paradox and happenstance

and accidents with meaning.


God is edged with sunshine,


over-ripe, fallen apples, crushed beneath your feet

and the bees hovering around them.


God's edges hold storm clouds too--

the Storm of the Century coming fast,

tsunamis and tornadoes, spinning out of control.


Blood from God's hands—now there's an edge of God

to ponder, reach for, then snatch your hand away.

God bleeding is an astonishing thought.

God bleeding can help my unbelief.


And most, most of all,

the edges of God are God's tears.

Tears of frustration, longing, loss, deep pain,

profound joy, wonder and astonishment--

tears that heal and relieve and comfort...

and disturb the Cosmos.


That's what I believe in:

God's tears.





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