Sunday, December 6, 2020

I talked to my 'sister' today

She's not really my 'sister', she's my first cousin, Mejol. But she was the nearest I ever had to a 'sister', being an only child.

I usually call her once a week, down in Baltimore, just to hear her Appalachian accent and to share news.

But during the pandemic--I don't know about you--but the days just run together for me.

I wake up several times a week and have to take a long look at my memory of the day before to know what day it is!

I hadn't called her for several weeks--since every day is just like the last, and the one to come.

Bern even asked me about it--"When did you talk to Mejol?" And I realized it had been a long, confusing time.

So, I called her.

And it was magic.

We are both liberals--me further left than her--but we agree on most things political.

She's on our zoom church from time to time--being the only Episcopalian, besides me, in our large generation of cousins.

I love her so.

Her voice takes me home and soothes me.

I wish I could go see her in Baltimore, but in these strange times, I can't.

But just talking with her makes things brighter, less stressed, more joyful.

I thank her for that.



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