Thursday, December 10, 2020

The worst thing

 (opinions here are mine and mine only)

Of all the things I resent about the lame-duck president's actions (only 40 days left--praise the Lord!) is his desire to carry out as many capital punishments as he can before he leaves office.

There are lots of other things I resent: stripping the pentagon and other agencies of experienced, career workers; the baseless lawsuits about the election that are shaking some people's faith in democracy; continuing to ignore the pandemic that is killing more people each day than died in 9/11; having covid spreading parties in the White House; threatening Republican officials who have agreed the election was fair and fraud-free; not co-operating fully with the Biden team preparing for the next administration; the list goes on and on.

 But the death penalty is the thing that angers me most.

Why does he want to kill people before leaving office? Some of whom committed the crimes they will die for decades ago.

I am pro-choice and anti-death penalty. Both abortion restricts and the death penalty deprive people of control of their bodies.

Some of my more conservative Christian brothers and sisters find that inconsistent.

But I stand by it.

Why kill people who don't deserve to die just because you lost the election?

Answer me that....



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